Pierangelo Bottinelli

Co-founder (2000) & Consultant (since 2003)

With his extended network and experience, Mr Bottinelli provides our company with knowledge, advice and access to people, companies and products throughout the world. Mr Bottinelli co-founded and managed the European office of Quaker Securities, Inc. for two years and was Managing Director of Schroder Securities for over 15 years.

Benjamin Zumstein

Co-founder (2000) & Managing Director

20+ years of experience in brokerage, private equity and fund business. Previously worked at Schroder Securities Switzerland.

Jean-Marie Mugny

Co-founder & Administration

30+ years of experience in brokerage industry. Previously worked at Schroder Securities Switzerland.

Claude Lai

Associate Director & Strategist (2006)

After heading the forex and treasury department at Bank Worms in Geneva, Mr. Lai spent 25 years as an independent advisor and strategist.

Kolja Kirstein

Associate Director (2009)

Account executive.

Françoise Pozzi

Associate Director (2000)

Started her career at Cowen & Co in 1988. Account executive, settlements.

Khai Nguyen Dang

Senior Associate (2000)

Executions and Settlements.

Patrick Vollenweider

Consultant (2014)

Currency manager. Started his career at UBS as option trader in 2001.